"I want to share with you this recognition and rest assured that the People's Volunteer Against Illegal Drugs will continue to progress and be an icon of change towards drug resistant and drug-free Philippines"

About Us.


PVAID Founding Chairman
President, Rotary Club of Murphy
Chairman of the Board, Utopia Security Group of Companies


The drug situation in our country may have similarities with other countries. However, there are also distinct problems in the country which may need distinct solutions. The Dangerous Drugs Board described Illicit drug production, trafficking, and use remain a matter of shared concern as they hinder development and pose a threat to security among countries across the globe.

Their profound and devastating effects know no boundary in terms of ethnicity, religion, geographic location, political affiliation, educational background and socio-economic status. Health, a crucial prerequisite and resource for development, is adversely affected as drug use impacts both morbidity and mortality.

Notably, drug use has also been shown to be associated with other risky behaviors such as drunk driving, unprotected sex, and needle-sharing, which can lead to hepatitis and HIV-AIDS. It is also an important correlate of medical and psychiatric co-morbidities, intentional injuries, and death. In terms of its significant social and economic consequences, drug use can lead to lowered productivity due to occupational diseases and injuries, higher health care costs, spread of infectious diseases, and family breakdown, to name a few.

Drug-related crimes and violence escalate, diverting resources initially allocated for social services into law enforcement and the criminal justice system. Also contributing to societal burden is the negative outcome from drug use that young people may experience during their most productive years. Thus, investing in efforts that would deter people, especially the youth, from using illicit drugs would greatly benefit society. Drug abstinence can lead to better learning outcomes, healthier families, more productive workforce, safer communities, and longer life expectancy.

Making both drug supply and drug demand reduction programs as our balance and holistic approach will pay dividends for the years to come. It will shape the future of the next generation of Filipinos and will dramatically transform the landscape of Philippine security. Because it creates complex health and social problems, the drug issue is undoubtedly a public health challenge that must be prioritized.

The People’s Volunteer Against Illegal Drugs (PVAID) stands as ally of the government in its fight against drug abuse. Since inception the organization actively took part in the campaign promoting drug demand reduction strategy in the form of preventive education and values formation, social development program, public image and people empowerment. These are the basic four (4) pillars of action in support of the drug demand reduction strategy making the whole program as five (5) pillars of action in fighting the drug menace.

It is also our mission to represent the aspiration of every Filipino family, work sectors and the school community towards drug free and drug resistant environment by way of influencing the policies of government to adopt one balance and holistic program in the community, work place and school. I urged all PVAID Advocates and Leaders to observe and adopt the five (5) pillars of action in resolving this societal crisis against the drug menace. MABUHAY ANG PILIPINAS!


National President
Member Filipino Investor Society (FIS)
Chaplain PNP Evangelical (Camp Crame)


Secretary General / Technical Support Specialist
Corporate Secretary, RED Baron Builders and Supplies Inc.
Senior Oracle Database Administrator


PVAID National Treasurer
Chairman recruitment and Membership Committeea
Corporate Treasurer, RED Baron Builders and Supplies Inc.


Director for Media Affairs & Public Image
Singer, Documentary & Film Director, Cameraman, Radio Anchor & Talent Manager
Content Creator at Pinoyflix Youtube Channel


Director for Livelihood & alternative Development
President, RED Baron Builders and Supplies Inc.


Director for Education & Values Formation
Local Government of Marikina City


Be the leading non-government organization in the promotion of the anti drug campaign through preventive education and values formation including alternative development, civic awareness and response, and regional and international cooperation towards emancipation of our country from the drug menace.


A drug-resistant and drug-free society through an empowered citizenry.


To conduct People empowerment activities and enhance the drug demand reduction approach through preventive education and values formation in every barangay in order to increase the psycho social awareness about the evil effects of illegal drugs and substance abuse and its effects to society.